Planting Life Pronunciation Guide

For the most part, you can pronounce words from the Planting Life conlang as they are written. I’ve tried to keep sounds and spelling as close to America Broadcast Standard (ie, what many of us have come to think of as ‘normal’ American English — what they use on TV) as possible. But if you don’t speak ABS, you can still just read as you normally would — just like English, this language has several dialects and accents. Your pronunciation can be one of them.

That said, there are a few sounds in language that aren’t found in most English dialects. And vowels are much more limited. So below is a pronunciation guide for names and (further down) a sound chart for what each letter/letter grouping sounds like. I’m going to add sound files for each name as I can.

Pronunciation Guide

Aiulefengk — aiɯlɜfɜŋK

Chainchyu — ʈ͡ʂaint͡ɕ (j)ɯ

Chestef — ʈ͡ʂɜstɜf

Chotaikytsai — ʈ͡ʂotaik(j)t͡sai

Kolchais — Kolʈ͡ʂais

Kyawtchais — k(j)ɑt͡ɕais

Lefeng — lɜfɜŋ

Paiespaiokp — paiɜspaioKp

Paiokp — paioKp

Penpy — pɜnp(j)

Poutsnepstsaipn — poɯt͡snɜpt͡saipn

Tsawaw — t͡sɑɑ

Tsouchm — t͡soɯʈ͡ʂm

Tsukstaifupy — TsɯKstaifupy


Below you’ll find each letter/letter combination as written, it’s International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbol (with link to pronunciation audio file), and (where markedly different from American Broadcast Standard) how it is pronounced.

As WrittenIPA SymbolHow It’s Pronounced
tchyt͡ɕ (j)Like the Spanish ‘ñ’, but replace the ‘n’ sound with ‘tch’, ‘tch-yah’
tyt(j)Like the spanish ‘ñ’, but replace the ‘n’ sound with ‘t’, ‘t-yah’
pyp(j)Like the Spanish ‘ñ’, but replace the ‘n’ sound with ‘p’, ‘p-yah’
kyk(j)Like the Spanish ‘ñ’, but replace the ‘n’ sound with ‘k’, ‘k-yah’
chyʈ͡ʂ (j)Like the Spanish ‘ñ’, but replace the ‘n’ sound with ‘ch’, ‘ch-yah’
tsyt͡s (j)Like the Spanish ‘ñ’, but replace the ‘n’ sound with ‘ts’, ‘ts-yah’
eɜLike the ‘i’ in ‘bird
aiaiLike the ‘ie’ in ‘die’
uɯLike the ‘u’ in ‘put’
ooLike the ‘o’ in ‘pillow’
auʌLike the ‘ou’ in ‘bought’
awɑLike the ‘aw’ in ‘saw’, but said towards the back of the mouth — pretend you are Sean Connery

You can listen to each sound on the IPA chart here.