polyamory and kink ebook coverNew Release: Polyamory and Kink

Lots of polyamorous people are kinky. And lots of kinky people are nonmonogamous. But not everyone knows how to make polyamory and kink fit together.
If you’re interested in adding kink to your polycule or have a kinky partner and want to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding, this book is for you.
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Hi, I’m Jess Mahler. Thanks for stopping by!

This is a subdomain where I’ll be sharing serialized fiction Tuesdays and Fridays. These stories will be available for by newsletter for paid subscribers starting Jan 1, 2021. They’ll be shared here six weeks behind the newsletter. (First post here Feb 12, 2021).

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Serial Schedule (Current)

Tuesdays will be for shorter fiction — 10,000 to 50,000 words, give or take. Think of them like a single-season TV show with a new episode each week.

Fridays are for novel length (or possibly longer!) pieces. These will be split into multiple ‘seasons’, with each season running about 3 months.

Tuesdays: Bound by His Oath

The king has required Lady Mildthryth to marry. Lord Reimund is determined to be her husband and secure for himself the land and lordship usually denied a second son.

But Mildthryth has plans of her own and when Reimund is captured she gives him a choice — to be bound in chains or bound by his oath.

Recipe: Take a ‘forced to marry’ historical romance. Set it in a sci-fi ‘lost colony’ world and gender flip it. Enjoy responsibly.

Fridays: Planting Life in a Dying City
(Season 1: Lefeng)

Left alone after a tsunami destroys eir village, Lefeng would have walked into the mountains and not looked back. But a child lost on the trails redirected eir course and another survivor plants the seed of an idea – a new family. Lefeng’s commitment to those ey comes to love will take eir to the hated city and a new way of life. But in a slowly dying city, Lefeng’s determination can only carry them so far.

(Expected to run 6 seasons)

Serial Schedule (Future — Tentative)

Tuesdays: His Beloved Victim

Lord Falthro gave oath to Dannu that he would punish Dannel, convicted of kidmapping and killing the children of Errol’s Grove. He learns too late that Dannel is innocent.

Fridays: The Railroad (working title)

Once upon a time, there was an Underground Railroad. But centuries passed, and people forgot. They repeated mistakes of the past.

Officially, werewolves aren’t ‘slaves’. They are ‘animals’. We aren’t fooled by ‘officially.’

We are the Railroad. We are fighting against an interplanetary government that holds the orbitals. We are fighting against a society that sees us as terrorists and traitors. We are fighting against an evil as old as civilization.

And we are going to fuck their shit up.